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I was born and raised in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. After graduating high school, I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Communications at Rochester community college, Winona State University, and completed my degree at St. Cloud State University. Coming back to where I started, I married my middle school sweetheart. We own a home in Sauk Rapids where we are raising our three amazing children. I have worked in sales and have owned and operated businesses my entire professional career. working with a team with agents who have over 60 years of experience is a dream come true. It allows me to use my strengths in communication, negotiations, entertainment and passion for helping others, all while being backed by a team that will assist me and my clients every step of the way. I am passionate about the outdoors, sports and music. I can often be found on the water, in the woods, coaching on the football field or on stage as the lead singer of the Gregory James Band. I would love the opportunity to help you with any of your real estate endeavors and to show you why my team and I are the best people to have in your corner.

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